Café du Lys: Macabre attempt #1

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He had hurt her in unspeakable ways, he had hit her, he had left her for dead.

All she saw was the fury in his eyes. Those eyes were burning red with anger that came out of nowhere but targeted right at her.

He never knew.

He did not know who held the blade to his neck until it was too late and the crimson liquid spilled on the floor and life was drained out of him.

She stared at him, blade in hand.

She wanted to see how life left him, hand in hand with hers.

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Lesbian translator & law student. Baker. Wholocknibal. FR/IT/EN/SP. Bookavore. 40s, politics, fashion, tea, cupcakes and cat lover. Geeky, loud & funny

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  1. Arely Chamalé Posted on 16 agosto, 2013 at 2:44 PM

    ¡Dejád pues que la fuerza de tu cuerpo se exteriorice hasta aquél que con ánimo de obligarte a que hagáis aquello que vuestros padres han cuidado que te abstengáis, salga presuroso!

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